Alpha Roadmap


Leadership Development

1. Leading Self

Being a leader of self is very important to crystalize your thought process and establish, achievable; short and long term goals! We help you create your road maps of personal excellence and make you effective organizational leaders.


Understanding Self – Creating SMART Goals

Attitude Building – Analysing Developmental Areas and Strengths

Conversational Excellence – Communicating to Succeed

Building Roadmaps of Success – Action Planning

Getting in sync with SKALENT – Analysing Self

Organizing Self – Effective Time Management and Prioritization

Team Game – Importance of working in and managing Teams

2. Leading to Lead

Skalent offers the foundational skills required to organizations and leaders who want their high potential to transition effectively from their individual contribution capabilities to a First Time Leader. Our solutions help in developing the required mind-set of a leader to sustain self and develop skills and talent required to get work done!


Solo vs. Team – Understand the Importance of the Transition

Trailblazer – How to Manage Teams Effectively

Ownership and Accountability

Building Roadmaps of Success – Action Planning

Getting in Sync with SKALENT – Identifying Developmental Self & Organizational Competencies

Delegating to Succeed

Communication Excellence

3. Leading the Leaders

Skalent offers solutions to the typical Middle or Sr. Middle Management who always look at bridging the gaps between the Top and Bottom levels of the organizations. Our solutions enable and empower them to handle their day to day responsibilities of a Manager and become successful as Organizational Leaders


The Bridge – Understanding the Role of a Leader of Leaders

The Hot Shot – How to Manage Leaders Efectively

Conversational Excellence

Team Bonding and Recognition

Decision Making

Collaborative Approach

Building Roadmaps of Success

Getting in sync with SKALENT – Identifying Developmental Competencies of a Leader

Ownership and Accountability

Effective Delegation

Feedback and Mentoring

Goal Setting and Execution

Conflict Management

4. The Consultative Leader

Skalent executive coaching solutions helps organizations develop their Honchos in a timely and a cost-effective manner. Organizations often assume that once an employee reaches a level of responsibility; they automatically garner the skills and talent required to handle or manage the responsibility. However, that is often not the scenario. The senior level leaders also require guidance in their personal and professional development for better; individual and organizational results. Skalent aims at assessing the unique capabilities of these leaders and tie them in harmony with organizational competency development matrix for a result oriented and successful approach. We create the much required and value added roadmaps of Leadership Success.


One on One Executive Coaching

360 Degree Assessments and De-briefs Questionnaires

Group Executive Coaching